• 150kw SKXF-150CII high efficiency water source heat pump

  • 150kw SKXF-150CII high efficiency water source heat pump

150kw SKXF-150CII high efficiency water source heat pump

1) International famous brand hermetic scroll compressors

2) Multi-purpose: with cooling,heating, central hot water three function.

3) High efficiency up to 5.0, low maintenance cost.

4) Quiet, no exposed equipment outdoors, No open flame, No Noise

5) Adopts advanced microcomputer control system and advance thorough security system to ensure the efficient operation all year round.


Galvanized metal cabinet or stainless steel cabinet all available

Refrigerant: R22 and R407C and R410a

Water to Water Heat Pump 10p SFXKR-032II

Geothermal water to water heat pump series
Ambient temp. range-30~+50
Power supply/380V 3N~50Hz
Electric shock proof grade/Class I
Protection grade/IPX4
Floor heating capacity/COPKW/-17/4.832/4.840/4.860/4.880/4.8150/4.8
Rated heating capacity/COPKW/-16/4.131/4.136.5/4.155/4.172.5/4.1135/4.1
Rated cooling capacity/COPKW/-15/528.5/534/551/565/5125/5
Domestic water heating capacity/COP KW/-16.5/4.428.5/4.4////
Floor heating input powerKW3.56.78.312.516.731.3
Rated heating input powerKW3.97.68.913.417.732.9
Rated cooling input powerKW35.76.810.213.625
Domestic water heating powerKW3.86.5////
Max. working currentA11.823284560100
Water yieldL/h1400260032004700630011600
Dimension (W×D×H)mm745×650×9601400×750×9601400×750×9601605×1100×10101605×1100×10102100×1100×1080
Packing dimension (W×D×H)mm805×700×10201460×810×10201460×810×10201800×1210×11501800×1210×11502260×1200×1200
Heat exchangerHeat source sideType/Plate heat exchanger or Tube in shell heat exchanger
Max/low outlet temperature+25~-5 (Antifreeze solution with 25% ethylene glycol)
Water inlet sizeinchG1''A internal threadG1 1/2'' internal threadDN40DN50DN80DN100
Water flow volumem³/h1.
Water pressure loss(Max.)kPa≤25≤30≤30≤30≤30≤30
Use sideType/Plate heat exchanger or Tube in shell heat exchangerPlate heat exchanger or Tube in shell heat exchanger
Maximum/low outlet temperature58/558/558/558/558/558/5
Nozzle sizeinchG1''A internal threadG1 1/2'' internal threadDN40DN50DN80DN100

Domestic water side
Type/High-efficiency tank heat exchanger
Maximum/low outlet temperature606060606060
Rate flow m³/h2.844.96.59.712.923.7
Nozzle sizeinchG1'' internal threadG1 1/2'' internal threadG1 1/2'' internal threadDN50 flangeDN65 flangeDN100 flange
a: Floor heating condition: Heat source side inlet temperature 0 ℃ and use side inlet water temperature 30℃;
b: Rated heating condition: Heat source side inlet temperature 0 ℃ and use side inlet water temperature 30℃;
c: Rated cooling condition: Heat source side inletwater temperature is 25℃ and outlet water temperature is 30℃, use side inlet water temperature is 12℃ and outlet water temperature is 7℃.
*Due to product improvement, above datas are subject to change without prior notice, please take the nameplate as standard.

Water to Water Heat Pump 10p SFXKR-032II

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