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Tips For Floor Heating 1

Pulished on Apr. 16, 2019

As a company that produces Heat Pump Water Heater, let's talk about the knowledge of floor heating.

What is floor heating?

Floor heating is called Radiant Floor Heating. The entire ground is uniformly heated by the underfloor heat medium, and the entire ground is used as a radiator to radiate upward (thermal radiation non-nuclear radiation) heat to achieve the purpose of heating.

Is floor heating the best way to warm up?

In terms of comfort, yes. The heating curve of the floor heating is closest to the ideal heating curve.

What are the advantages of floor heating?

1. Health care function 2. Comfort and hygiene 3. Economical energy saving 4. Wide range of heat sources 5. No space for use, space saving 6. Good thermal stability 7. Reduce floor noise 8. Better adjustability 9. Low maintenance and operation costs Simple management, safe and reliable 10. Long service life

What are the benefits of floor heating for the human body?

1. Improve blood circulation and metabolism, have obvious curative effect on rheumatism; 2. Warm and windless, can reduce cardiovascular stress on the elderly; 3. Maintain skin moisture and help women stay young; 4. No warmth in floor heating room Suitable for those with sensitive respiratory system, reduce the incidence of asthma; 5. Help to keep your mind clear, improve your memory and understanding, and improve your learning efficiency; 6. Improve sleep quality, get a good night's sleep, ensure deep sleep, and help maintain strong work. Energy; 7. Save space and avoid the direct danger of installing traditional radiators. 8. According to statistics, the floor heating system can stimulate people to increase the amount of exercise and contribute to physical and mental health.

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