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AIROSD brand water heater & swimming pool heat pump were displayed at Expo Indonesia

Pulished on Mar. 04, 2019

AIROSD brand water heater

Jakarta, Indonesia, Sep. 28, 2018

September 26-28, 2018, Refrigerating & HVAC Indonesia was held at the Jakarta International Exhibition Center. Foshan AIROSD Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. entered the Southeast Asia with its strength products.

All-in-One water heater heat pump & swimming pool heat pump & water heater heat pump exhibited by AIROSD stands out on the expo due to their features as follows:

1. All-in-One Heat Pump Water Heater.

* Specially designed for the residential hot water use.

* Low vibration, low noise and high reliability.

* Enamel water tank, decontamination anti-scaling 20 years lifetime.

* Fast water heating up to 70℃

2. Swimming pool heat pump:

* Anti-corrosion -- PVC Titanium heat exchanger.

* Energy saving -- high efficiency compressor.

* High speed heating

3. Water heater heat pump

* Hot water temperature up to 85 ℃

* Suitable for domestic, hotel, kitchen etc.

As the professional China heat pump supplier on the expo, AIROSD has reached close communication with local professional distributors during the expo, which will undoubtedly accelerate future cooperation and sales for both sides.

AIROSD brand water heater

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