• AIROSD air source DC inverter heat pump 18kw DKFXFC-018SMI

  • AIROSD air source DC inverter heat pump 18kw DKFXFC-018SMI

  • AIROSD air source DC inverter heat pump 18kw DKFXFC-018SMI

  • AIROSD air source DC inverter heat pump 18kw DKFXFC-018SMI

AIROSD air source DC inverter heat pump 18kw DKFXFC-018SMI

1) Twin rotary compressor with inverter control – DC inverter technology control the heat pump output according to the household's energy requirements. Low waste of the power!

2) R410a refrigerant, environmentally friendly – Green energy, no CO2 emissions.

3) Intelligent controller and LCD displaying.

4) Safely operation with multi-protections.

5) Electronic Expansion Value allows the accurate refrigerant go through under different working conditions. So it ensures that the heat pump can work with high efficiency to provide enough cooling/heating capacity in any conditions.

6) Hydrophilic coating air exchanger and SWEP plate heat exchanger all available.

7) Auto defrosting function.

8) Convenient for installation and maintenance.


Galvanized metal cabinet or stainless steel cabinet all available.

R410a, R22, R407c refrigerant is available.

AIROSD DC inverter heating and cooling heat pump DKFXFC-009SMI

DC inverter heat pump
Ambient temp. range -35~+43℃ -35~+43℃ -35~+43℃
Power supply/220V 1N~50Hz220V 1N~50Hz220V 1N~50Hz
Electric shock proof grade/Class IClass IClass I
Protection grade/IPX4IPX4IPX4
Rated cooling capacityA7W35KW/-7.5/2.8111.5/2.8214.5/2.82
Rated heating capacityA-12W41KW/-5.3/2.319.1/2.3511.0/2.35
Heating capacity/COPA7W45KW/-8.8/3.6014.5/3.5617.5/3.40
Rated refrigerating input power/currentKW/A2.6/12.24.1/18.65.16/23.5
Rated heating input power/current.KW/A2.30/11.13.87/17.64.68/21.2
Max. working currentKW/A4.40/206.6/307.5/34
Max. working pressure of heat exchangerMpa4.24.24.2
Temperature range of refrigeration outlet5~155~155~15
Heat outlet temperature range25~5825~5825~58
Water yieldL/h130020002500
Refrigerant type/Weight-/kgR410a/3.3R410a/4.4R410a/4.4
Dimension (W×D×H)mm1090×435×9001120×440×13601120×440×1360
Net weightkg80150150
a: Rated cooling conditions: ambient temperature 35°C, inlet water temperature 12°C, outlet water temperature 7°C;
b: Rated heating conditions:environmental dry bulb temperature 7°C, wet bulb temperature 6°C, inlet water temperature 40°C, outlet water temperature 45°C;
c: Rated heating conditions:environmental dry bulb temperature -12°C, wet bulb temperature -14°C, outlet water temperature 41°C;
d: A7W45 Operating conditions: inlet air temperature 7°C, outlet air temperature 45°C.
Due to product improvement, above datas are subject to change without prior notice, please take the nameplate as standard.

AIROSD air source DC inverter heat pump 18kw DKFXFC-018SMI

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